Collins, Howard F. (m. fl.)  Authors' & Printers' Dictionary
Authors' & Printers' Dictionary
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Forfattar: Collins, Howard F. (m. fl.)
Tittel: Authors' & Printers' Dictionary

London. New York. Totonto 1946. Oxford University Press. Ninth Editition. Eleventh Impression. Revised. Smal 8vo. 428 s. Mørkeblå sjirting. Gullfarga ryggskrift. Svakt oppsprukken i innerfalsane, elles i god stand. A guide for Authors, Editors, Printers Correctors of the Press, Compositors, and Typists. With full list of Abbreviations an attemt to codify the best typographical practices of the present day. Engelsk. 01-03-2020